Touch-Up Procedures

Already had scalp micropigmentation? Then all you need is a quick touch-up session to refresh the faded dots and make it look as good as new.

Want more out of your SMP?

You can also schedule an SMP touch-up to change your appearance. Styles change and so does our personality and look preference. Your hairline should reflect that and we can help you achieve that.

If your hair thinning or balding has aggravated, you can easily adjust your SMP hairline in a short session. One of the greatest advantages of scalp micropigmentation is that it’s scalable. When you lose more hair, all you need to do is come in for a quick SMP touch-up session.

Whether your initial procedure was done at Feel Ink Great in Richmond Hill or somewhere else, we can help you improve its looks in a single session.

Faded SMP since Your Initial Procedure?

Even though SMP can last up to 5 years, it does fade at a different rate for different individuals. To keep it looking fresh, we recommend to get a touch up once a year.

The time it takes for your scalp micropigmentation to fade varies greatly from individual to individual. Quality ink also matters a lot! At Feel Ink Great, we use organic, carbon-based ink. It is true that other inks can last longer, but it is because they contain carcinogens and heavy metals that your body is unable to flush from its system. That is why we feel it is better and safer to get touch-up more often than expose your skin to unnecessary chemicals and a look that is much harder to change.

If you choose our clinic for your scalp micropigmentation touch-up procedure, you will benefit from the best scalp ink currently on the market. We cut no corners when it comes to the quality of the products using only best ink on the market!

A Completely New Look or a Simple Refresh?

We can simply refresh your current SMP or create a completely new look for you. Whatever you choose, we will make sure it matches the look you want right now!

Options include: a stronger hairline, additional density, darker pigment, a more conservative hairline and many others.

If you are not sure what suites you best, our SMP experts con give you personalized advise based on your individual circumstances and your desired look.

Your touch-up session includes not only top quality materials and technology, but also professional tips and tricks on how to make sure that your SMP lasts well beyond average!

If you are unsure if you need a touch-up, you can schedule a free consultation where we will give you our most honest opinion and advise. This will allow you to have all the facts before you make the best decision that suits you!