SMP SD (Scalp Micropigmentation Super Density)

The Number One Procedure for Advanced Baldness and Thinning Hair

SMP SD (Scalp Micropigmentation Super Density) is a safe, minimally-invasive procedure suitable for men and women alike. Its purpose is to help you look as if you have a full head of hair, irrespective of the balding stage you are in.

What Is SMP SD (Scalp Micropigmentation Super Density)?

A scalp micropigmentation super density treatment involves the adding of thousands and thousands (depending on the treatment surface) of simulated hair follicles to your scalp. In other words, the revolutionary treatment available at our Richmond Hill clinic simulates hair follicles through adding microdots of pigment to scalp skin.

The difference between SMP HD and SMP SD is the number of microdots added. For SMP HD, we add approximately 500 microdots (aka simulated hair follicles) per square inch. During an SMP SD procedure, the number increases to 700 or 1000 microdots per square inch.

This way, we can cover the scalp completely, giving the illusion of a full head of hair even for people with advanced alopecia or balding.

Who Is the Perfect Candidate for SMP SD (Scalp Micropigmentation Super Density)?

Just like SMP HD, SMP SD is not for everyone. You are a great candidate for SMP SD provided that:

  • You are in the later stages of hair loss or hair thinning.
  • You have lost more than 40% of your hair.
  • You want to fill in all the bare skin on your scalp.
  • SMP SD is best suited for darker skin tones.
  • You want a long-lasting solution.

SMP SD (Scalp Micropigmentation Super Density) will completely restore your hairline and give you a youthful look thanks to the “recently shaved” appearance or “buzz cut”.

Better yet, there is no downtime required for patients who undergo scalp micropigmentation super density procedures.

SMP SD is a long-term solution to alopecia, baldness or other conditions that involve hair loss. The effects can last up to 5 years. With regular touchups, even much longer.

We would love to get to know you and advise you on the right procedure for your condition! Each of our treatments is unique and personalized for each patient. We carefully choose colors to make sure they match both your skin and your hair.

To choose the most suitable treatment for your condition, please schedule a free consultation.