SMP SC (Scalp Micropigmentation Scar Camouflage)

A lot of the clients we see at our Richmond Hill Scalp Micropigmentation clinic come to us to cover up scars. Even if they have no hair thinning or baldness problems, scars on the scalp are unaesthetic. Typically caused by surgeries or accidents, scars can interfere in different aspects of your life.


Much like people, every scar is unique. And, of course, each individual case needs to be treated in a specific manner. Some of the most common scars that you can use scalp micropigmentation to cover are:

Strip/FUT scars

This is the most common and most problematic type of scar. These scars are long, linear and typically located at the back of the head. Strip scars are caused by the old fashioned hair transplant surgery, also known as follicular unit transplant (FUT).

Strip scars can vary immensely in terms of color, flatness, size or texture. The thicker, bumpier and more discolored an FUT scar, the harder it is to camouflage.

FUE Scars

FUE scars are less severe and much easier to camouflage than FUT scars. They present themselves as several “dots” located at the back of the head and as smaller scars at the front of the scalp or on the crown (the recipient area). FUE scars are the result of a follicular unit extraction surgery – a procedure that is more advanced than FUT.

Plug Scars

They are commonly found in people who underwent plug-type procedures in the 70s or 80s. After this archaic practice, people had to undergo remedial procedures to get rid of the fake-looking hair and were left with deep, thick scars.

There are more types of scars than we can count and not all of them are the result of a hair transplantation surgery. Some can even result from a face lift surgery (especially near the temples). Unfortunately, there is no surgery without some form of scarring.

If you want to regain your confidence and forget about the scars on your scalp, give us a call and schedule your FREE consultation. We’ll discuss your unique situation and come up with the best way to camouflage your scar(s) utilizing professional scalp micropigmentation.