Every person’s hair loss is different and therefore the pricing depends on your individual circumstances.

The pricing will vary depending on how big the area is that needs to be treated; the time it will take to complete the full procedure; the density wanted or needed; if there are scars present; as well as many other factors. The best way to get a precise and accurate quote is to come in for a free consultation, where our SMP experts can analyze your unique situation.

However, in an attempt to give you some idea about the average costs of this procedure, we can provide a few guidelines and examples.

Clients who have hair loss #1-2 on the Norwood Scale, would most likely need a hairline and a frontal treatment.

Clients who are further advanced (stage 3 and beyond) on the Norwood scale, would most likely need a full head treatment, meaning we will fill in the top and crown of the head as well as blending with the surrounding hair. Even if there is still a substantial amount of hair on the top of the head, people who score 3 or higher on the Norwood Scale will require a full head treatment. Hair density of the upper crown area usually starts thinning even in the early stages, so “hair density” needs to be matched to the sides and the back of the head.

Please use ourRequest For Quoteform to ask about our pricing and payment plans.